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About Us

Welcome to KC Creations, Inc.

Everything we offer is created and made by us in the USA.  We are dedicated to making our own products and will never have anything made overseas. 

Our Xing (crossing) signs are a popular novelty item.  We offer over 100 dog breeds and another 100 non-dog designs, including farm animals, wildlife, people, and sports.  These durable sun resistant signs are 101/2 x 101/2 inches.  We have created the best artwork in the industry, take pride in what we offer, and expand our sign offerings each year.

Our Per Rescue Stickers are great items to help save the life of a pet in case of a fire. They adhere to outside entry doors and windows, informing firefighters that a pet is inside the home.

KC Creations, Inc. is a small company run by a handful of artistically talented people who know how to create quality products and have the desire to please you; the buyer.  Please have some fun by browsing our website and viewing our unique selection of products.  Contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Ken Cleveland


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